Saturday, January 1, 2011

YSM in 2011

What's in store for Your Stupid Minds in 2011? Another year of sporadic posts, rants, and autistic commenters, right?

Hold on to your pants Sally, cuz it's going to be a wild year! We're talking MORE posts, MORE reviews, MORE rants, MORE candy, MORE bouncy castles, MORE monster trucks, MORE MORE MORE!

Every month will follow a certain theme in tune with the bad movie traditions we perpetuate here at YSM. Each Monday will feature a new review from me or Dobson pertaining to the subject at hand. We kick it off with a genre so synonymous with badness, there literally has never been a good movie made within it.

Come back on January 10th when Dobson will review one of Uwe Boll's great video game magnum opi. Check out YSM every Monday in 2011 for a brand new review!


  1. Also you are forgetting about the new classic that is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PoP:TSoT for short). That movie was actually pretty decent. And, to make a Bloodrayne connection, it featured Sir Ben Kingsley as a one-note bad guy!

  2. Shhhh no one knows you're reviewing BloodRayne yet!