Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Podcast: Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

In honor of Halloween we have a spoooooky movie for you! Because it involves... magic, and, lightning, and Sean Connery dresses up as a spaniard and might eat some candy (off camera). I may have forgotten this scheduled podcast fell around Halloween.

Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery return in this much despised sequel to the Queen soundtracked Highlander. This time around MacLeod (Lambert) is an old mortal man with an elderly Jewish woman's voice, and Ramirez (Connery) is back from the dead, destined to destroy the giant shield around the earth and kill the needlessly evil General Katana (Michael Ironside). Virginia Madsen also appears as an eco-terrorist with a highlander fetish.

The original film went significantly over budget and the producers wrested it from the filmmakers and cut it into an incomprehensible mess where the highlanders are rebellious space aliens, but this fact is never adequately explained. The version that we watched (known as the Renegade cut. Available on Netflix Instant.) is something like the second or third recut, with deleted scenes added in and some opening crawl to explain some of the plot. It's still an incomprehensible mess, and we shudder to think of what The Quickening is like.


  1. Ramirez is actually originally Egyptian.
    I like the original Highlander, which is why I have avoided all of its sequels and spin-offs. Also, the Queen soundtrack is the single largest factor in me liking the movie.

    1. If you want to continue enjoying Highlander then you should avoid Highlander II at all costs.