Friday, March 8, 2024

Podcast: Madame Web (2024)

Your Stupid Minds is back after a February break with the film that connects us all, it’s 2024’s Madame Web, brought to you by the delicious taste of Pepsi-Cola!

Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) is a sassy New York EMT who has trouble connecting to people except for her partner Ben (Adam Scott). After a near drowning she unlocks her latent spider power of seeing the future, something spiders are known for.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel Sims (Tahir Rahim), who, and I can’t be certain of this, may have been in the Amazon with Cassie’s mom when she was researching spiders before she died, is on the hunt for three superheroes who kill him in a dream. He utilizes the NSA’s 2003 super-spying technology to track them down. Julia (Sydney Sweeney), Anya (Isabela Merced), and Mattie (Celeste O’Connor) are all on the same train when Cassie gets a vision of their deaths at the hand of Ezekiel. Cassie intervenes and from then on they’re on the run and trying to find answers.

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