Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Podcast: Lockout (2012)

Luc Besson presents a loose cannon with a troubled past take on a nearly impossible mission to rescue the president's daughter in a floating space prison. Guy Pearce stars as the Slake Plissken stand-in, Peter Stormare plays a Frenchish United States Secert Service agent, and Maggie Grace shocks everyone with her versatility as a kidnap victim who also happens to be someone's daughter.

Lockout was a fun one because despite the derivativeness, it was actually an enjoyable film with an amazingly ridiculous presence. Remember kids: when you're designing a floating space prison, try to avoid guns, escape pods, external gun turrets, and the ability for it to crash into the International Space Station.

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  1. To be fair to Bill Friedkin, he directed Sorcerer, The Exorcist, AND the French Connection before his career went down the drain.

  2. Regardless of the less than super positive reviews, I've read about this film, any role Guy Pearce has ever played has been impressive. My friend and colleague at Dish specifically recommended this movie because of Pearce's sarcastic slapstick, and my love for the actor's talents. I have always been a fan of Guy Pearce's work, especially when he takes on the bizarre roles, although I can’t say the same for Maggie Grace; not impressed with her at all. I will be getting “Lockout” in a couple days from Blockbuster @Home for my trip next week. I love spending some time with the special features or even watch the movie again if I have long wait times at the airport; I know I won’t be disappointed.