First and foremost, Your Stupid Minds is a bad movie podcast. Contributors Chris and Nick are passionate about bad film, and approach each review with the intent of promotion and appreciation, not necessarily to make fun (though we do that too).

One takes the good with the bad, and often the sillier cinema is dismissed by film enthusiasts and academics or relegated to the most untalented and least analytical fan boy critics. As a teaching tool, bad film can be just as useful as the good, and to simply ignore or marginalize the other side of the same coin is to miss out on a useful and entertaining cinematic focus.

Chris and Nick address the topic of bad movies threefold:
  1. Audio podcasts, released every other week, which break down and discuss a particular film or topic.
  2. Reviews featuring textual analysis, plot summary, screenshots, clips, quotes, and an arbitrary rating.
  3. Invective rants often directed at some of the lazier and sophomoric film critics.
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