Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Podcast: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Wolverine is back, baby! Hugh Jackman returns in this origin story for Marvel's favorite character, which lies in the purgatory between X3's abject awfulness and X-Men First Class's complete series reboot. Pulling from the Origins comic, the film completely kajiggers Wolverine's story to make him the hero of and reason for the creation of the X-Men. It also introduces a bunch of new characters (Gambit, Deadpool kind of, The Blob, Silverfox) and does next to nothing with them. At least there are no holocaust scenes (but Wolverine does fight in D-Day).

Listen in as Chris and I discuss Gambit's identity crisis, Stryker's cyclical and nonsensical plan, and Master Mold in an oversized trenchcoat and fedora.


  1. References to the USS Maine are what set this podcast apart.

    1. Wolverine accidentally throws his lit cigar into the armory.

    2. Darn you, guncotton! I guess that was the Lusitania...

  2. Loving your podcast.
    So many people I know fell asleep during this movie. I know I had to watch it about three times to see the whole thing.
    My biggest WTF moment is when the team first infiltrates the Nigerian fortress,