Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Podcast: Robot Jox (1989)

We prep for this weekend's Pacific Rim by reviewing the OTHER non-Japanese live-action robot fighting movie: Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox!

In a post apocalyptic world where war is banned, noted illiterate Achilles (Gary Graham) wows the drunken NASCAR crowd with his elite robot fighting skills against the thinly-veiled Soviet Alexander (Paul Koslo), as they duke it out for precious Alaskan resources. Also there is a robot chainsaw penis.

If you like what you hear, you can watch the entire movie on YouTube. Don't worry, the uploader says it's fair use so it therefore must be.

Some Notes:
  • The Robot Jox referees are some of the worst in the business. They let Alexander murder NINE OPPONENTS without repercussions.
  • Alaska's state nickname is, in fact, "The Last Frontier."
  • More resource-efficient alternatives to giant robot fighting: soccer, baseball, chess, games of chance, horse racing, regular fighting, horse fighting, arm wrestling, robot arm wrestling...
  • Could Kenny Loggins cut us a deal on a Robot Jox theme song? Lyrics idea: ROBOT JOX! FIGHTIN' FOR THE RESOURCES!


  1. This movie reminds me of Base Wars, the NES baseball game where robots fight over close plays.

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