Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Podcast: House of the Dead (2003)

Stock up on quarters and let's head down to the arcade. It's Uwe Boll's first foray into the video game movie with 2003's House of the Dead! Special guest Nathan Smith joins us as we dig in to one of our favorite bad movies.

A group of teenage 20-something 30 year olds bribe a cartoonish fisherman (Clint Howard) and a grizzled U-Boat captain (J├╝rgen Prochnow) into taking them to an island in the Pacific Northwest for the most awesomest daytime rave coastal British Columbia has ever seen! They're attacked by zombies and an insane Spanish scientist who wants to be immortal by living forever.

Some notes:
  • This is arguably the best of the Uwe Boll horrible video game movies.
  • At 35:25 Nick makes an EGREGIOUS Tolkien error and never hears the end of it.
  • Followed up immediately at 36:02 where we discuss a troubling confrontation with a comic book vendor and our piss-poor knowledge of obscure comic book characters.
  • Not included: the gritty behind the scenes documentary exposing the seedy underbelly of  corporate sponsored raves


  1. We forgot to mention: the girl in the "Matt? Matt? Matt?" scene who swims around topless is Erica Durance, aka Lois Lane from Smallville.

  2. And also I'd like it on the record that I have an amazing knowledge of obscure MARVEL comic book characters. I could tell you so many factoids about Darkhawk's powers. DC is another story.