Friday, August 9, 2013

Podcast: Cool World (1992)

Nick and Chris get back on track as we review the nonsensical animation/live action Brad Pitt vehicle Cool World!

It's Who Framed Roger Rabbit for perverts as Holli Would (Kim Basinger), a nymphomaniac cartoon character attempts to seduce Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne), a hugely popular comic book creator who may be suffering from mental problems. Holli draws Jack into the "cool world," a horrible nightmare world where cartoon characters murder each other all day. Meanwhile Detective Frank Harris (Pitt) tries to keep the peace and enforce the most important law of Cool World: that noids (humans) and doodles (cartoons) cannot, under any circumstances, have sex. It should be noted the film is not nearly as easy to follow as this description. Join us as we try to stay cool while outlining everything that's wrong with this movie.

Stray Observations:
  • A 75 foot tall "Holli Would" character was placed on top of the "D" on the Hollywood Sign in 1992, drawing mild protests from the handful of people in Los Angeles who care about the Hollywood Sign.
  • Part of our ongoing "Cool Series" (see: Cool Dog).
  • The first rule of Cool World: Noids don't have sex with Doodles. The second rule of Cool World: Don't tell someone not to do something because that person will immediately do it. 

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