Thursday, October 3, 2013

Podcast: LOL (2012)

One of the most infuriating movies of all time, it's Miley Cyrus's vanity project LOL! About a bunch of privileged, Adonis-like bourgeois white kids from inner-city Chicago, LOL sets itself up as social commentary and then never delivers. Featuring Queen Twerker Miley Cyrus as the obnoxious Lola, the film putters around for a while before deciding to include a trip to 18th century France and an obligatory third act battle of the bands.

Some notes:
  • Sorry for bringing up a) Miley Cyrus's appearance and b) twerking.
  • SNL, as you gear up for Cyrus's episode, please take note of our spot-on Barack Obama imitations.
  • This movie is horrible and you should not watch it, but if you wanted to watch it, it's available on Netflix.
  • Nick's Miley Cyrus imitation sounds more like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

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