Sunday, May 1, 2016

Podcast: Double Down (2005)

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Your Stupid Minds celebrates its 100th episode by filling out Neil Breen’s current oeuvre. Before the imminent wide release of his most recent film Pass Thru (which we wanted to watch but is not reasonably available in the state of Texas), we reviewed Neil’s first feature film, 2005’s Double Down!

Neil Breen is war hero and elite hacker terrorist inventor Aaron Brand (who will forever be referred to as Neil Breen). Breen is a mercenary working for American and foreign government agents on counterterrorism while also being a terrorist himself! His change of heart comes after his bride to be Megan (Laura Hale) is accidentally murdered during the couple’s nude pool engagement.

Breen goes further off the deep end (pool humor) and creates a freelance mercenary business out of his late 80s Mercedes; inventing an invisibility cloak and hacking murder shield to help it along. While working for all governments and terrorism sects, he also has terroristic traps set up all around the world (but primarily in Breen’s director’s trademark city of Las Vegas).

Will he have a change of heart? Will he avenge Megan with his insane crimes against humanity? Will he save some little girl who has brain cancer? Will his dead parents explain what heaven is like? Did Neil Breen acquire his early 90s stock footage from a Harrah’s dumpster? Find out in this special episode!

Some Notes:
  • Some characters are inexplicably missing from the end credits. Where's the call girl he hires? Where's the guy in the obviously fake beard? Why are multiple characters given the same character name of "Terrorist" or "Agent" with no other distinction?
  • Breen's character subsists entirely on canned tuna. We believe mercury poisoning contributes significantly to his erratic behavior.
  • The credits also note the film was catered by Neil Breen. I hope this means a nightly crawfish broil at the Breen residence!
  • Upon closer inspection, Megan (Breen's murdered fiancĂ©e) is wearing a flesh-colored thong throughout the pool scene. Also, when she's shot, Neil casually proclaims "aw, geez!"
  • YSM reviews of previous Breen films: Fateful Findings (episode 50), and I Am Here.... Now (episode 73).

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  1. Why isn't this guy better known? I think he's got Tommy Wiseau trumped.