Monday, September 19, 2016

Podcast: The Boy Next Door (2015)

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YSM returns to the erotic thriller genre with the 2015 classic The Boy Next Door! Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez, in her third appearance on the podcast), is a pathetic high school classics teacher with a broken garage door and a cheating ex-husband when a buff-armed 28-year-old "boy" Noah (Ryan Guzman, apparently playing a 19-year-old) moves in next door.

The two bond over their mutual love of the Iliad and he fixes both her car and garage door. They then engage in a night of "passion" after Noah refuses to take no for an answer. Then Noah is revealed to be a sociopath who is willing to murder Claire's ex-husband (John Corbett) and mid-level high school administrators (Kristin Chenoweth) if it means "winning" Claire back.

Some Notes:
  • We make up some convincing IMDb trivia during this episode, but forget to mention that Ryan Guzman (probably) got into character by watching James Franco in the Spider-Man movies via YouTube.
  • Screenwriter Barbara Curry, a former criminal attorney, has admitted that the infamous "first edition of the Iliad" scene was not in her script.
  • Somewhat impossibly, this movie only passes the Bechdel test when baby Katherine Heigl (Lexi Atkins)'s character Allie tells Claire the sink in the girl's room is clogged (it was intentionally clogged by a man of course as part of an elaborate scheme). All of Kristin Chenoweth's conversations with her best friend are about Claire's ex-husband, her blind date, and the Boy Next Door (BND).
  • Nick challenged Chris to come up with movies not counting The Cell where Jennifer Lopez really acts. Chris refers generally to her more ambitious projects, but if you want to see Jennifer Lopez not playing a Maid who commutes to Manhattan, check out Blood and Wine, Angel Eyes, and of course, Anaconda.
  • Featuring a rare appearance of Chekhov's barn, where barn scenes bookend the project.
  • This is basically a Lifetime movie but with better-looking leads, up to and including being done a brisk 90 minutes.
The Iliad Scene:

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