Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Podcast: Dr. Strange (1978)

Your Stupid Minds returns to its Episode One roots and tricks you once again into think we’ve reviewed a Marvel movie that hasn’t come out yet. But alas, this isn’t the Benestrange Cumberdoc version you’re thinking, but rather a made for TV movie extended pilot made for CBS (and was never picked up), 1978's Dr. Strange!

The Nameless One, a demon puppet from the nether region, commands his subject Morgan LeFay (played by Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter) to kill the wizard Lindmer (John Mills) and/or his more powerful successor Dr. Strange (Peter Hooten). Fortunately for her, Strange doesn’t know the depths of his mystical powers, and spends his time picking up mentally unstable woman as a psychologist at a New York hospital. Despite the three day countdown to sudden death, Lindmer and his assistant Wong (Clyde Kusatsu) take their sweet time recruiting Strange.

Will Dr. Strange discover his special powers? Will he pick up a troubled psychology student half his age (Anne-Marie Martin)? Could 2016’s Doctor Strange possibly live up to this masterpiece? There’s only one way to find out!

Some Notes:
  • At some point in the comics Dr. Strange's girlfriend Clea Lake dates Benjamin Franklin. We pondered what a young Ben Franklin might look like. I couldn't find a credible picture, but I did find this.
  • Part of the 70s Superheroes Wearing Slacks collection.
  • See this film's sadly needlessly thorough Wikipedia page.
  • Stan Lee blames Dr. Strange's timeslot up against Roots as the reason it failed. While partially true, this movie is also really boring.
  • For the most internety and fascinating blog dedicated to Doctor Strange, see Sanctum Sanctorum Comix.
  • Available today on DVD.

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