Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Podcast: J.C. (1972)

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Your Stupid Minds takes a detour off the well-traveled roads of bad movies to seek out William McGaha, a writer, director, producer, and star of three very cheap films in the 1960s and 70s. Fresh off Nudie-Cutie Bad Girls for the Boys and Stock-car racing+gangsters project The Speed Lovers, McGaha's third and final passion project is J.C., a 1972 biker movie about a religious fanatic and Jesus-allegory biker who basically just mooches off everyone.

After construction worker J.C. and his cohort are yelled at for smoking during a lunch break, J.C. quits and gets high in his tighty-whities while his former social worker girlfriend runs errands and is a functional adult. J.C. has a vision of a big eye or something and that night at a campfire rouses his biker pals to drive cross-country to his hometown for.... reasons. The bikers immediately upset the local populace, not (only) because they are rude and smell bad, but because they have brought their black friends. Will J.C. and his crew run afoul of Sheriff Caldwell (Slim Pickens, somehow in this movie)? ....Yes.

Some Notes:
  • We feel really bad for J.C.'s sister, who has to deal with a crazy preacher father who's dead, a mother who's MIA, and a brother that clearly has mental health and/or substance abuse issues. She's also about 25 and has an 8-10 year old.
  • What is Slim Pickens' end-game? It seems like he wants to kill the bikers, but in a way where his name won't be in the paper.
  • Keep an eye out for the boom mic as it zips back and forth during conversations: he's practically part of J.C.'s crew!
  • Because no one cares about it, this movie is available in full on YouTube.
  • Your Stupid Minds recommends: Marjoe and Vixen!
  • Roger Ebert's Easy Rider review.

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