Thursday, August 31, 2017

Podcast: China O'Brien (1990)

Your Stupid Minds finishes out the Cynthia Rothrock series with one of her most beloved films: China O’Brien! No, it isn’t the story an Asian Irish fusion restaurant with sesame fish and chips and black and white rice pudding. It’s a kick-ass karate film in the style of Road House and Walking Tall.

After city police officer China (Rothrock) is not punished for committing a justifiable homicide in self defense after an alley karate fight, she returns to her unnamed home town to pick up her decade-old high school relationship with Matt (Richard Norton) and visit her family. Her father is the town sheriff battling systemic corruption, prostitution, and crime. After he dies in a fiery car bomb explosion, China runs for sheriff and roundhouse kicks the corruption out of town.

Some Notes:
  • Apparently the parade scene was shot at an actual parade, which would explain the shoddy footage better than we did.
  • Directed by Robert Clouse, who also made Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, and Gymkata.
  • China O'Brien II immediately followed the release of this film. We haven't seen it.

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