Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Podcast: Dead Weekend (1994)

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Your Stupid Minds finishes off the Lesser Baldwin series with the 1994’s Showtime original high concept sci-fi porno Dead Weekend starring Stephen Baldwin.

I couldn't find a trailer so here's a random clip with Tom Kenny screaming over the radio.

During a fake earthquake evacuation in a dystopian LA-like city, Weed (Baldwin) and Payne (David Rasche) are officers in the paramilitary police force assigned to catch a rogue alien while also murdering as many gang members as possible. Weed uses this opportunity to have sex with a strange woman in the woods, who, guess what, turns out the be the alien. Not just an alien, but a shapeshifting super sexy nymphomaniac alien who requires sex to survive. Also annoying radio DJ Joe Blow (Tom Kenny) screams awful voices into his microphone the entire time.

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  1. Hilarious podcast. I watched this movie and it reminded me of Species, sans quality and effort. According to IMDb, both movies came out in 1995. Species debuted in July and Dead Weekend was a TV movie that came out in October. They made a quickie knock-off without any of the action, just the sleaze. And beans.