Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Podcast: Made of Honor (2008)

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For no particular reason, here’s 2008’s Made of Honor, a romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, and Kadeem “Dwayne Wayne” Hardison.

Tom (Dempsey) and Hannah (Monaghan) meet in college when Tom nearly sexually assaults Hannah in a hilarious mistaken identity late 90s Halloween Bill Clinton related dorm prank. They exchange witty Hepburn/Tracy like banter and become best of friends. Ten years later, in the common day of  pre-recession flip phone 2008, she’s a curator at the Met and he invented those coffee cup caddies and does nothing. She goes away to Scotland for work, and in that time falls in love with Scottish Duke Colin (Kevin McKidd), and Tom realizes he’s in love with her. She asks him to be her maid (made?) of honor. Hijinks ensue. Colin has a huge penis.

Some Notes:

  • Upon further reflection, we're pretty sure Ross did not have sex with Emily on Friends. Someone please enlighten us.
  • Sydney Pollack's last film, unfortunately.
  • Please donate to our Soup2Nuts Kickstarter, the SmartSoup® System that automatically detects the ideal temperature for your soup.
  • Aside from soup, most of this episode is about horse penises.
  • Why is this movie called Made of Honor? Is Tom "made" of honor? Did they mean Man of Honor? Did they not want to be confused with Men of Honor?

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