Monday, August 20, 2018

Podcast: Ghost Ship (2002)

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Your Stupid Minds is back with a very special guest, Vanessa of the Square Roots Classic RPG Podcast! She brought a Blu-ray from her collection with her, 2002's Ghost Ship!

Gabriel Byrne, Julianna Margulies, Isaiah Washington, a young Karl Urban, and two guys you don't know are back from a successful boat salvage when mysterious stranger Jack Ferriman (Desmond Harrington from Dexter) offers them an opportunity to salvage a boat in the Bering Sea.

The crew reluctantly take the opportunity to salvage a "ghost ship," but quickly run into spooky doings a transpiring when Margulies spies adorable child-ghost Katie (Emily Browning of Sucker Punch). Among a bunch of spooky red flags, Ferriman discovers a bunch of gold in storage. What a lucky coincidence that surely won't end in the death of most of the crew!

Notent Notables:
  • We talk at length about a Sega CD version of Ghost Ship that sadly, does not exist in our universe. Instead we are left with Sewer Shark.  
  • The opening of this movie is completely bonkers, featuring dozens of people bifurcated by the sharpest wire in the world. Clip is here (NSFW, obviously).
  • We spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly why the ghost pretends to have sexual tension with one character, and why he (mild spoilers) scares a character the ghost needs for his ghastly goals (or "ghouls" as he might call them) by making him eat maggots.
  • This movie is secretly an Australian co-production, with Karl Urban, Emily Browning, and Alex Dimitriades pretending to be American, British, and Hispanic(???), respectively.
  • The movie is aggressively early 2000s, as Mudvayne's "Not Falling" is played more than once. A DVD extra has an unofficial music video featuring the entire song. Here it is.

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