Friday, August 3, 2018

Podcast: Brenda Starr (1989?)

By popular demand, Your Stupid Minds finally does Brenda Starr, the troubled Golan-Globus based-on-a-comic-strip-no-one-read film shot in 1986, completed in 1989, and released in 1992 about a hotshot reporter.

Brenda Starr (Brooke Shields) is a star(r) reporter at the New York Flash. After getting the scoop on a German/Irish gangster Donovan O’Shea that results in her being hospitalized, her editor sends her on a mission to get the scoop on a rumored new water-based super fuel. She gets a tip from mysterious eye-patched beau Basil St. John (Timothy Dalton) and goes to Brazil by way of Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, a number of people are on her tail, including Soviet spies, rival reporter Libby ‘Lips’ Lipscomb (Diana Scarwid), and her own cartoonist from the real world Mike (Tony Peck, son of Gregory). What results is some hijinks involving capoeira, an alligator with a cigar, and Jeffrey Tambor.

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