Thursday, July 12, 2018

Podcast: Gotti (2018)

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Your Stupid Minds reviews the movie that critics DON’T want you to see, the years-in-the-making pro mafia propaganda film starring a dimming Hollywood star: Gotti!

John Travolta assumes the titular role in some of the best wig work of his career. John Gotti is a low-level goon in the Gambino crime syndicate who gets the opportunity to move up the ranks through a targeted assassination. He kills the guy but completely borks the killing and goes to jail for the crime. He spends the rest of the movie in and out of prison, squinting and assuming a horrible accent, yelling at his kids, yelling at his underlings, telling horrible jokes, killing his boss in an unsanctioned hit, being the boss for a while, and dying in prison. The movie determines this man is a hero.

Also starring Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston as scenery-chewing Victoria Gotti, and Spencer Rocco Lofranco as John Gotti Jr., which the movie inexplicably becomes about after Gotti Sr.’s death. Since Gotti Jr. consulted heavily on the film, the entire experience reads like a love letter to poorly implemented and flamboyantly executed crime, without actually showing what the mob does to earn money. Directed by Kevin Connolly (E from Entourage) with a disjointed mix of voice over, flash back, and 30 second nonsense scenes that go nowhere.

Some Notes:
  • Pitbull inexplicably wrote and performed an entire custom soundtrack, complete with references to Miami and smears against Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.
  • In a collection of scenes interspersed throughout the movie, John Travolta plays an old, bald, wrinkly Gotti dying in prison. We're 100% convinced Travolta is not wearing makeup nor a bald cap.
  • Chapo Trap House reviewed the movie a few weeks ago. Though we are both devoted Grey Wolves, we deliberately avoided listening to their episode until after it was recorded. Any similar riffs are purely coincidental.

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