Sunday, June 23, 2019

Podcast: Killer Workout (1987)

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Your Stupid Minds reviews a classic of the gym-based ‘80s slasher genre, Killer Workout, also known as Aerobi-cide.

An up-and-coming model (Marcia Karr) is horrifically burned in a freak tanning bed fire. Two years (or is it five years?) later, her twin sister Rhonda (mentioned only in online synopses) opens up a gym where babes and hunks are murdered with a comically large novelty safety pin. A needlessly confrontational investigator, Lieutenant Morgan (David Campbell), is assigned the case. Another hunk, Chuck, (Ted Prior), is sent by the gym's senior partner to work at the gym, and also knows white guy karate.

Some Notes
  • Tanning bed fires are not all that uncommon.
  • Not to be confused with Death Spa, which came out a few years later. Weirdly enough one of the teens in this movie vandalizes the gym with a graffito tag that says "Death Spa," even though no spa services are seen.
  • A horrible VHS digital transfer with frequent tracking issues is available on Amazon Prime. There is also a Blu-ray version sourced from a PAL Beta SP and upconverted to HD, meaning better than the Prime version, but not by much.

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