Thursday, May 7, 2009

THE ROOM post-mortem

The Alamo Drafthouse's showing of THE ROOM was quite awesome. People weren't as rowdy as I thought they'd be, but the Drafthouse did show about 3 clips before the showing about how bad it is to talk during the movie. I don't think they quite "get" THE ROOM yet. They'll catch on.

There were plenty of HI DENNYs and BYE DENNYs, one BECAUSE YOU'RE A WOMAN, and I could distinctly hear the clatter of plastic spoons. I also got the giggles during the 4th sex scene and could not stop. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. The Drafthouse said that it's going to make this a monthly thing. I am so there.

I did manage to get video of Tommy Wiseau's Q&A, and his answers are predictably incoherent. Watch him dodge questions about his ethnicity, toss the football around, and rave about the "Austin-style" chicken caesar salad.

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