Monday, August 6, 2012

Film Instant livetweets Netflix films

In the last few weeks, Chris and I have tried out Film Instant, a Twitter account part of The New Movement Theater. The premise is simple: every Monday night 10:00 PM CST, a bunch of strangers (but mostly members of and friends of members of the New Movement) sync up the same movie from Netflix Instant and riff together using the same hashtag. I came in expecting to have fun, but not as much as I eventually did. It was a blast! Never have I been favorited so vigorously (self esteem restored). I recommend listening to 3-4 of our podcasts to get in the mood and come by every week to riff with me and Chris.

Tonight's film is Donnie Darko and I... haven't seen it since my teens. I remember liking it, but then again I also liked nĂ¼ metal. It should be fun! Fire it up at 10 and follow the action at #fiDARKO.

You can follow Film Instant on their Twitter, or listen to their podcast via LibSyn. You can also see our barbs @NobelNick and @Dobsonverse.

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