Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Podcast: Cool Dog (2010)

This is it. I'm not sure Chris and I can top this (but continue to listen just in case). Rarely do we encounter such a baffling, enraging movie that we devote FIFTY TWO MINUTES to discuss an 88 minute film. Despite our special double episode of the Your Stupid Minds podcast, we left some stuff out. We don't even address the insane dogcatcher who talks about farts!

A German Shepherd named Rainy (hereafter referred to as "Cool Dog") is abandoned by his family in New Orleans and makes a cross country trek to New York to reunite (by way of the Colorado Rockies).

Cool Dog has amazing cool dog abilities including but not limited to: piano, harmonica, banjo, child-saving, driving, grand theft auto, currency exchange, tennis ball shooter operation, phantom opposable thumbs, understanding the English language, and Messiah-like resurrection. We're almost positive Cool Dog the movie is actually Cool Dog's Twizzler induced feverdream.

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  1. I can see why the added length was necessary. I learned a lot about bullies, and life.

  2. I know this is almost exactly a year old, but have you guys heard of the 1991 movie "Bingo"? The entire time I was listening to this episode I was reminded of this startingly wierd dog movie:
    It's basically the r-rated verson of "cool dog."

    1. No but we will watch any and all movies about crazy humanoid dogs. How many hot dogs does Bingo purchase?