Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Podcast: Teenage Caveman (2002)

Nick feels nostalgic after buying Larry Clark's "classic" Teenage Caveman for a second time, as we dive into a conversation about one of the most unwatchable movies of the past decade. Larry Clark (Kids, Bully) breaks from his standard "teens do drugs and get in trouble" plot to present a post-apocalyptic wasteland... for teens to do drugs and get in trouble. It's kind of like Battlefield Earth, but cheaper, with worse acting, and 10,000% more recreational drug use.

Serious stuff: We also single out Richard Hillman's manic performance as Neil as one of the few bright spots. Unfortunately, Richard Hillman died in 2009 at the age of 34 after dealing with substance abuse issues for at least a decade.  Here is his amazing entrance:

This is a film that holds a special place in Nick's heart. It's one of the first truly terrible films he's ever witnessed, and a favorite screening at "Bad Movie Club," his old college group which served as a prototype for Your Stupid Minds. Here's the original poster from 2006.

Art by Grant Shafe.
Enjoy this terrible movie!

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