Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arrested Development Season 4 Is Relevant to Our Interests

Unless you've been trapped inside of a rock due to a failed magic trick, you must have heard that Netflix released Arrested Development Season 4 in its entirety over the weekend. While the return of a long-canceled sit-com is not normally the domain of YSM, this season has one bit that's particularly relevant to our interests. Mild Spoiler alert after cut:

MST3k Arrested Development
What, they couldn't get Mike?

This season of AD introduces Debris, a physically ill, out of work actor with a law license and a drug habit, played by Maria Bamford. Her character's most notable work (outside of numerous volumes of "Straightbait") is her part in a 90's Fantastic Four film, produced on a shoe-string budget to retain the rights for a later release. There is even a cutaway to Joel and the gang watching this version of Fantastic Four a la MST3K.

Maria Bamford Invisible Girl Debris David Cross Tobias Thing
Maria Bamford as Debris, David Cross as the Rock Monster

If this sounds familiar, it's because there really was a rights-preserving, un-released Fantastic Four film from the 90's, and it really is terrible, as we discussed in our podcast review last year. It should also be noted that AD's version of the unreleased FF movie is fictional, as is its portrayal of the cast. While no one in the Roger Corman FF went on to mega-stardom, Rebecca Staab, the actual 1994 Invisible Girl, has worked semi-regularly for the past two decades, transitioning into "mom" roles, and, to my knowledge, has never dressed up in her old costume on Hollywood Boulevard to get her photo taken with tourists. I'm sure she has a happy, successful life, and barely ever loses her teeth.

Rebecca Staab Glee
Rebecca Staab, the 1994 Invisible Girl, showing up in an episode of Glee. Work is work.

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