Monday, June 3, 2013

Podcast: Jade (1995)

The dour looking woman from Men in Black and Dogma (Linda Fiorentino) and David Caruso (YEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!) star in this Joe Eszterhas-penned William Friedkin directed erotic thriller about a detective Assistant District Attorney investigating his ex-girlfriend as a possible murderer. Aside being very well shot, and some really awesome car chases, this leaves something to be desired. The ending is also especially infuriating.

Jade made an abysmally low amount of money at the box office; $9 million total gross for a $50 million budget. This effectively killed David Caruso's movie career and stymied Friedkin's ability to work even more.

Some observations:
  • Do check out some of the chase scenes on YouTube. If Friedkin is good at anything it's a chase scene.
  • Some of the "kinky sex" shown in this film resembles the baffling fake sexual tips of Cosmo.
  • Eszterhas's other flop Showgirls (which we've also reviewed) came out a mere three weeks before Jade. You think this affected some of the reviews?

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