Thursday, November 14, 2013

Podcast: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

We finally cover the much maligned, needlessly complex, and American-ified The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery in his last big-screen role. Sloppily adapted from an Alan Moore comic, LXG as Moore would not want to call it is about a group of British literary characters who form the first super team at the end of the 19th century.

Allan Quatermain, Mina Harker, Dorian Gray, the Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo and (sigh) Tom Sawyer team up to stop the Fantom, who seeks to… blow up some things and… steal some powers. Chris and Nick discuss plans for a B-Team League, as well as a super team featuring real characters of history. A poor impersonation of Ira Glass appears to plead for your support.

Some Notes:
  • B-Team League: Varney the Vampire, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Jane Eyre, Dr. Frankenstein, Ishmael
  • History League: Nicola Tesla, Alfred Nobel, Annie Oakley, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie (in a steel suit), Queen Liliuokalani, Ishmael
  • Alan Moore and Todd MacFarlane, if you could confirm that you listen to the podcast that'd be great thanks.
  • Listen to Ira Glass at the end of the episode, folks! We. Need. Your. Support! Like us on Facebook, rate and review us on iTunes. We might give you a neat YSM tote-bag (but probably not).

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