Thursday, March 13, 2014

Podcast: Torque (2004)

Music video director Joseph Kahn directs Torque, a high octane action extravaganza starring Ice Cube, Adam Scott, Jaime Pressly, and Brad Pitt (lookalike Martin Henderson). Just in case you didn’t know this wasn’t from the early 2000s, Kahn is sure to add some Dane Cook, Kid Rock, crappy CGI, and Nickelback to top everything off.

Taking place in a presumably post-apocalyptic California run by biker gangs, our hero Ford returns after a mysterious trip to Thailand to retrieve some drugs he stole from an evil lip-smacking biker gang leader. The evil gang leader kills the brother of another gang leader (Ice Cube) and frames Ford for the murder. Everyone’s out to get him, and his only plan of action is to ride away really fast on a brightly-colored crotch rocket. Also two chicks duke it out in a motorcycle fight in front of some overt cola-related product placement.

Some info:
  • Just in case you've never seen this: Toy Boyz. "You're pretty fast... for someone who is a guy."
  • Trey (Ice Cube) is a calm and fair biker gang leader.
  • Torque settles the ongoing rivalry betwixt Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Who will rule the key 12-18 year old demographic (after Coca-Cola)?
  • Often considered a heavy proponent of post-classical editing (also called "MTV style"), Torque actually uses fewer cuts than its contemporaries. Despite being a satire of the Fast and Furious franchise, the most current iterations of F&F seem to emulate (whether intentionally or unintentionally) Torque's visual style.
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