Thursday, April 3, 2014

Podcast: Fateful Findings (2013)

Your Stupid Minds celebrates its FIFTIETH episode. In keeping with our status as a cutting edge resource for all things camp, cult, genre, b, and otherwise considered bad movies, we went on a special podcast field trip to the Alamo Drafthouse for a special midnight screening of the newest entry into the bad movie canon: Fateful Findings!

Las Vegas filmmaker Neil Breen brings us his supernatural hacker romance thriller. The protagonist (played by, who else, Neil Breen) gets into a car accident and unlocks supernatural hacking powers, which he uses to hack the most secret government and corporate secrets. This doesn’t sit well with his pill popping wife Emily, who slurs her displeasure in a heavy polish accent.

Some Notes:
  • Fateful Findings definitely resides on the Bad Movie Mount Rushmore, with Neil Breen’s face alongside Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau, and James Nguyen. If someone with artistic skills could please illustrate this vision that would be great. With Wood as Washington, Wiseau as Jefferson, Nguyen as Roosevelt, and Breen as Lincoln.
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  • I apologize to all the heavy Sony Vegas users out there who I may have insulted.
  • "A SUSPENSEFUL, HARD HITTING THRILLER FOR THE INTERNET AGE!" - Earwolf (forums user lizanddickfan1, most likely quoting the Fateful Findings press release)
  • Also forgot to mention, Your Stupid Minds is five years old yesterday. Peruse some old reviews and re-read your favorites!
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  1. I really, really want to see Fateful Findings. It's so hard to find anyway to see it right now.

  2. Oh hey, I actually went to see this at a midnight showing at the Drafthouse too (the one on 6th Street). That would be hilarious if I was at the same screening as you guys.

    I also watched Double Down, which was pretty entertaining despite the liberal use of stock footage. Having seen that, I'm curious if Neil Breen manages to sneak in footage of his bare ass in every film he directs. Guess I'll need to get my hands on his alien Jesus movie to find out.

  3. Tommy Wiseau ain't got nuthin on this baby!

  4. Gotta give it to him, he's passionate about his films, that's definitely admirable.