Sunday, April 3, 2016

Podcast: Black Scorpion (1995)

Joan Severance lays out some vigilante justice in the Roger Corman produced comic book inspired Showtime original movie Black Scorpion! The movie also resulted in a sequel and Sci-Fi Channel original series.

Believe it or not I couldn't find an embeddable trailer, so here's the full version.

Darcy Walker (Severance) is a girl raised by her murderous cop father Lt. Stan Walker (Rick Rossovich) with a scorpion infatuation. Stan stops methed out maniac at a hospital by gunning him down with a doctor between him and is kicked off the force. Darcy enters the force decades later and goes undercover as a prostitute to bring down a mass murderer. Her plans are put on hold when her father is gunned down in a bar, and she transforms into the Black Scorpion to lay down the law with her taser boots, taser scorpion ring, and whip.

Some Notes:
  • Imagine how lame it would be if Batman named himself.
  • All superhero origin movies need a "sewing together their costume" montage.
  • Joan Severance also appeared in Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind and Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred.

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  1. Wait does she even have a whip? I think you're just talking about Catwoman now.