Monday, January 16, 2017

Podcast: Pass Thru (2016)

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Your Stupid Minds finishes out the Neil Breen oeuvre with 2015/2016’s Pass Thru, brought to you by a purchased $30 standard def DVD from the Breenster himself!

Falling into Breen’s “foreign being committing mass murder for the sake of humanity” genre, Pass Thru is about a time-traveling alien named “Tghil” (named after a yogurt container) who embodies the corporeal form of a heroin-addicted loser to bring benevolent genocide to the world. He befriends a multicultural aunt/niece combo to take on the corrupt politicians, hypocritical media, and greedy CEOs while a group of tenacious young astronomers try to seek him out.

Some Notes:
  • Do you think you'd survive the Breen genocide?
  • "It's like watching a post-apocalyptic Hamilton!" -Nick Nobel, Your Stupid Minds
  • "This just in: The bank president is missing. Which one? The worst one? It is almost as if all the pieces of shit are gone."
  • Be cool kids like us and buy Pass-Thru on That's right, Neil has moved on from his .biz roots!

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