Sunday, April 2, 2017

Podcast: Ghost in the Machine (1993)

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In honor of the probably mediocre renter Ghost in the Shell coming to theaters, Your Stupid Minds reviewed something that kinda sounds like it: 1993’s Ghost in the Machine, starring Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Sandlot), Chris Mulkey (Twin Peaks), and Jessica Walter (Dr. Strange, Arrested Development).

The Address Book Killer (Ted Marcoux) is a local weirdo who works in a computer store. After acquiring Terry Munroe’s (Allen) partially digitized address book, he drives off into a torrential thunderstorm to murder her and her friends. He gets into a car accident and a power surge while inside an MRI machine scans his entire body and consciousness into the internet so he can continue his murderous rampage as a ghost in the machine (literally!).

Meanwhile Bram Walker (Mulkey) is a down and out super hacker who helps Terry and her wiener son catch the killer. Featuring some wonderfully gruesome deaths involving a microwave, pool cover, and dishwasher.

Some Notes:

  • Known errors on the Ghost in the Machine Wikipedia page:
    • "Moments later he dies as the police and ambulance arrives to the scene." Wrong. Why would they put him into an MRI machine if he was dead?
    • "Her co-worker, Frank Mallory (Richard McKenzie), becomes the first victim when he dies in an electrical fire." Wrong. The microwave boils him to death.
    • "Another friend, Elliot Kastner (Jack Laufer), gets burned to death when a hand dryer turns into a flamethrower." They're not just friends. They're dating.
    • "Terry's mother was shot during the siege and she goes to the hospital for recovery. Wrong. They say "she's in shock." There's no evidence she was shot.
    • "Aided by Bram and Terry, Josh manages to defeat Karl by introducing a computer virus that traps him in a physics laboratory." None of this happens.
  • Chris's Scott Adams joke is related to this crazypants Bloomberg article about the Dilbert creator where he reveals he has three microwaves in his custom-made kitchen so he "can make a lot of popcorn at once."
  • Lawsuit count: Six. Malpractice, malfunctioning microwave, malfunctioning pool cover, unsafe virtual reality pod, malfunctioning dishwasher, and police brutality.

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