Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Podcast: Titanic: The Legend Goes On (2000)

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Your Stupid Minds delves into well-trodden bad movie territory with the notoriously terrible animated Italian film Titanic: The Legend Goes On. We may not have the annoying falsetto screech of The Nostalgia Critic, or the deep-seated racism of JonTron, but we do have notable animal lover and Chris’s sister Sarah Dobson back on the podcast.

Angelica (Lisa Russo) is a lowly beautiful servant who looks strikingly like Anastasia. She meets the rich and handsome William (Mark Thompson-Ashworth) who gropes her laundry and they fall in love. meanwhile, a menagerie of obnoxious talking animals, including a rapping dog, a noble French mouse who looks like Fievel, and a trio of horrible Mexican mice stereotypes, sing tonally inappropriate songs about partying and dancing. Then the boat sinks and almost no one dies, thus tarnishing the legacy of the 1,500 actual people who perished in this real life tragedy.

We should also note some discrepancy in iceberg sizes and presentation.

The shot when the lookouts discover the iceberg in Titanic. Notice the darkness of the frame helps the theory that they're not complete idiots.

...And the brightly lit Mount Kilimanjarian iceberg featured in Titanic: The Legend Goes On.
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