Thursday, March 26, 2015

Podcast: How I Saved the President (1996)

Your Stupid Minds continues its series on "children's movies no one has ever seen involving talking/hyper intelligent pets" with the somewhat Wishbone ripoff How I Saved the President (or The Undercover Kid). Precocious kid Max Anderson (Bradley Pierce) is in a stifling home environment, which he copes with by talking to his cat Nellie (Victoria Jackson) and Jack Russell Terrier Bo (played by Robert Knepper and Barkley the Dog, respectively).

When a foreign-sounding German Shepherd at the park tips them off about a presidential assassination plot, Max must use his four-legged friends to stop the terrorists! But first he must convince his oppressive dad and clueless mom that the plot is afoot, and he can indeed talk to animals. Join Chris, Nick, and special guest Nico Mesa on this bizarre family romp through high-stakes international intrigue.

Some Notes:
  • Per discussion, here are the hard and fast rules on which animals can talk.
    • Dogs and Cats (canon): Yes. Unless they're super dumb or have experienced some sort of life-altering trauma.
    • Crows (canon): Yes. But apparently if you call them smart they won't shut up.
    • Raccoons (canon): Yes but they're jerks.
    • Dolphins (non-canon): We assume.
    • Horses (non-canon): Yes, but only if there is peanut butter on the roofs of their mouths. And they can count by stamping their hooves.
    • Rats and Mice (non-canon): Maybe.
    • Bats (non-canon): Yes, but only in the Batman voice.
    • Chinchillas (non-canon): Yes (with an accent).
    • Spiders (non-canon): Yes, but only to pigs.
  • Some probably have noticed that Terrorist #1 is played by none other than Sven-Ole Thorsen, a.k.a. Secundus from Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe.
  • Nico has a new podcast coming out soon called Whiskey Flicks, about movies and drinking. Keep on eye on the Facebook page for its release.
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  1. Another great episode. Really enjoyed you guys with Nico on the show. I suspect there's no way in hell a children's movie like this would be made nowadays -- in fact, I'm at a loss for how the concept of terrorists assassinating the president was considered an acceptable subject for kids in the 90's.

    You'll be delighted to know my b-ball team has clinched a spot in the playoffs and has been steamrolling opponents lately! So now this show is more of an enjoyable thing for me to listen to while working out, rather than a desperately needed distraction from my sports-depression.