Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Podcast: Gor (1987)

Your Stupid Minds once again takes on a Cannon Picture (and separately, a movie somewhat focused on submission/domination) with 1987’s Gor, based on the fetishist fantasy science fiction books by John Norman.

Cabot (Urbano Barberini) is a college professor whose lectures focus on magic rings that transport people to Counter-Earth, a planet that lies on the opposite side of Earth’s orbit and perpetually masked by the sun.

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Cabot gets into a car accident and is transported to Counter-Earth, also known as Gor. It is a savage land of prehistoric people with primitive weapons, dirty/sexy loin cloths, and slave women. Cabot must find the Home Stone (that looks like a giant Pop Rock) in order to get back to earth. Also a dwarf is there.

Some notes:

  • I could only find the trailer in German, so here's the full movie on YouTube.
  • Here's John Norman's 34th Gor book, released in 2016, Plunder of Gor.
  • For the record, Sean Connery in Zardoz does have double straps along with his tiny red Speedo.


  1. On the topic of Gor, there's a fantastic parody called "Houseplants of Gor" that's worth a quick read.